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LPG Storage Automation

LPG Storage Automation

The key to fully functional automation is the compliance in between the equipments. PLC Control Panel, Mass Flow Meters, Level Measurement Devices and Detectors we offer are in absolute harmony with each other and our storage units.


    • Gas Detectors are compatible with appreciated MARU PLC Control Panels.
    • Ensures safety of your LPG tanks, stations and plants.
    • In case of emergency, shuts off the whole system accompanied by visual and audial alarms.
Working Voltage24 ±25% VDC
Analog Out4 ~ 20 mA
Digital Out2 Relay Outputs, Both NC and NO
Measurement Range0-100 %LEL
Resolution1 %LEL
Response Time (T90)<10 second
Enclosure MaterialAluminium
Sensor TypeCatalytic
Environmental ConditionsTemperature -20 ºC  ~ +60 ºC, Pressure: 86-106 kPa, Humidity: ≤90 %RH
IP Protection LevelIP65
Atex ClassificationII 2 G Ex d IIC Gb T6


    • Especially developed for our LPG storage tanks, Maru PLC Control Panel enables you to save money by buying only the module needed.
    • Customise without any extra charges when you change accessories such as probes or level gauges.
    • Provides perfect software-hardware integration



Graphic Display320x240 Color LCD (3,2")
Power Input24VDC instrinsically safe barrier
Power Consumption<1W
Measurement PrincipleCoriolis or PD Meter (Optional)
Protection ClassIP66
Atex MarkingEx II2G Ex db IIB T4 Gb IP66
Operating Temperature-25 ºC to 55 ºC
Measurement Range0 … 750 kg/min
Communication with Measurement DevicesModbus
(E+H, Micromotion)
Optional Pulse Counting
Measurement Accuracy±0,2% - 0,5% (Based on Measurement Unit)
InputsCommunication Ports
0 … 10V or 4-20 mA Sensor
2 Channel Pulse Input
Outputs24V Relays
24V Power
Communication OptionsRS485, RS232, WIFI, RFID, Optional GPS, GPRS
and Bluetooth
MemoryMicro SD Card 8GB or more
Language SupportEnglish (Optional: Italian, Russian, Turkish,
Serbian and Spanish



We offer various solutions to our customers for LPG measurement of tank levels;

- Magnetic level gauges
- LPG Probes
- LPG Radars (High frequency microwave pulses)



    • An economical solution for level measurement.
    • Can be used in vertical or horizontal position.
    • Sends data to panel via transmitter.



    • A more accurate way to measure tank levels.
    • Unlike the magnetic level gauge, this product has no elbows.
    • The magnetic ring moving vertically along the probe generates a smooth and accurate measurement without problems, for years.
    • High quality and durable product made in Italy. * Transmits data to PLC Control Panel easily.



    • This is the most accurate solution for measuring tank levels.
    • Has no moving parts, thus never has mechanical problems caused by dirt or corrosion.
    • Uses high frequency microwave pulses to measure tank level very precisely.
    • Can transmit data via bluetooth or cable.

Please contact us directly for any LPG enquiries you may have. We will contact to you as soon as possible.

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